Ascenders 48 - 4K (Live Core) landed in PRO4MEDIA

Finally we are testing Ascenders 48 - 4K, our new toys. This is the highest version of this powerful machine and we are – as usual – first in Poland to have it!  Soon we start certified trainings on secrets and possibilities of this out of this world device. The number of options of Ascender 48 is almost unlimited. All the time we are discovering solutions that will fasten the installation of your event, make work nicer and ensure extraordinary visual effects.

PS. For the profane, Ascender 48 (live Core) is an ultramodern seamless switcher thas serves 4 digital outputs, it has an incredible number of 42 input plugs, 4K processing upgrade and perspective layers. It also has an in-built live mosaic preview of all inputs and outputs, a preview for a presenter that can be fully modified. The icing on the cake is a possibility of combining a few dvices of the same type and thanks to that we gain 2, 3, 4 times more outputs and inputs! This unlimited number of outputs and inputs can be serviced on a remote mode by even 5 people at the same! Comfort, safety and out of this world effects. Can you feel the power? >>>