HPE Congress

As always, PRO4MEDIA team did their best. And this time it was the challenging project, both technically and organizationally! Projectors, monitors, lighting and the sliding led wall working on the stage, and more of the same tunnel-shaped invited to entry. These are the things visible for the summiteers of HPE Congress – event organized by Polymus Agency. And from our home field – mixers, scalers, processors, consoles, computers and hundreds of meters of wires and truss. Let’s get to the point: projection by Barco HDF W26 – professional event usage super-machine; led – over 400 modules of ColorShot P5HD and 200 modules of ColorShot P5HD. Picture and lighting management: Ascender 48, WatchOut, DiVentix, GrandMa, MacBook. Finally, when we pushed the START button, the brightness came. Great brightness, as befits the great show! >>>