Effie 2016 Gala

The Polish marketing festivity has found its site at the Grand Theatre – The National Opera in Warsaw. It is a prestigious place and especially unique for us -  because the real theatre magic can be sensed right there. Few people are lucky enough to feel the sensation of the other side of the drop cloth and to see the power of possibilities to be hidden out there. Working with the #Effie2016 Gala we've had a terrific opportunity to create the scenography using not even single stage item! The complete picture of event has been born using only our ColorShot HD5 led screen to have been placed and hanged as a dainty configuration with the multilevel depth. The author of this project's been a multivisual man - Łukasz Kosela.

The event to have gathered a large number of the people as well as the executives, directors boards of the biggest companies and the marketing communications agencies, professionals, independent experts as well as the business representation, has demanded its special setting. This is a unique event since there have been the creators of the most effective marketing campaigns dated from previous year!

We are inviting You to see the photos of the Gala as well as the movie of the preparations and the effect to have been experienced by the audience and by us backstage and the directors room >>>

Photos: Moc&Art Group