Effie Awards Gala 2017

There are moments, when we feel that the world has just been rebuilt. Effie Awards Gala was one of those. The energy of this competition is incredible - because it’s the quintessence of creativity and cooperation skills itself. The idea of 2017 edition was movement and not only understood as content - there were just a few static moments on the huge stage of the Grand Theater - National Opera. Screens built of our LED panels moved on different tracks and stopped immediately at given places, constantly creating new schemes. Two lines of LED panels made this movement dynamic and framed the configurations. And all this in the company of crazy color combinations and collages consistent with the competition category. The SAR Association of Marketing Communications has delegated the event’s creation to Łukasz Kosela and entrusted us with its implementation. Technology combined with content in a smoothly running machine gave an absolutely unique picture of this event >>>