Innovation 2017

The stage design of Innovations 2017 Awards was simple, set on LED screens. We hanged them straight under the ceiling in The Old Print House on 65 Mińska Street. Such placement tranquilized event’s picture, but its pieces in so many sizes and formats made it dynamic at the same time. The scale was impressive - over 220 panels of our ColorShot P5HD LED, minimalist stage elements and lectern made of ColorShot P3HD LED panels. This event couldn’t look any different, as discovery was its content and aim, as all small/big innovations were appreciated, evoking huge admiration. We do quote the organizer, SAR Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej: „Every award is big. Every nomination, every color, every Grand Prix tells us, that there was a change in existing reality according to jury. That somebody, some group made a difference. Even the small one.” Łukasz Kosela was the one responsible for visualization of those differences, IDFX organized them and we had multimedial contribution in this finely designed event >>>