Lost Museum - The Night of the Museums 2013

Long, restless and full of attractions... this is what the Night of the Museums 2013 was. Warsaw was flooded by croud of impressions seekers. PRO4MEDIA also contributed to the atmosphere of this evening and night creation. Our team worked in front of the Presidential Palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście. We implemented unique event there - Lost Museum project. Art pieces, lost in the mists of time, was visualized on the palace facade and projection screens placed next to prince Józef Poniatowski monument. Altogether 6 of our devices projected pictures: 4 of newest Barco HDF-W26 with the light power of 26 000 lumens and 2 Barco's FLM-HD20 with brightness of 20 000 lumens. Team of IDFX was responsible for organisation and production of the show. and the grafic content was created by Łukasz Kosela. It was impossible to count viewers...

You are more than welcome to see the project photos >>>