Grand Opening of Jewish Museum

Polin means Poland in Yiddish. So is called Jewish Museum. The process of creating the museum took many, many years, that is why its opening was much awaited. And what a spectacle it was! It consisted of three parts. The first one staged David Krakauer, a New York klezmer musician, the second – actors from Theatrical Academy led by Piotr Machalica and the third one – Tomasz Stańsko himself. The set design was videomapping on the glass and transparent wall of the building. In order to obtain a perfect quality we had to use the power of 222 000 lumens!

The authors of the graphics were street art artists, such as Swenski, Aqualoop and Theosone. Based on their work, Onlight studio prepared animation and PRO4MEDIA did their best to show it precisely on the unusual wall of the museum. To project videomapping we used 4 most powerful event machines - Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors, coupled and blended. The most unusual role played a tree located in the middle axis of the museum wall – it became a part of the picture. It was lit with Barco HDF-W26 projector that has an impressive power of 26 000 lumens. Other equipment, like Barco HDX-W18, was used to project live to the screens located at the sides of the stage.

Altogether, it a fantastic spectacle that was very much enjoyable for all the senses.

Enjoy watching the MOVIE and PICTURES >>>