PRO4MEDIA discovers 3D mapping on mural for Poland!

Polish advertisement discovers brand new product promotion category – borderline case of video mapping and video billboard. For the first time Poland could watch the projection on mural! PRO4MEDIA, using the newest event equipment of Barco, provided technical settings for these unusual shows. Excellent quality of animations was guaranteed by Barco projectors in both places. In Poznań PRO4MEDIA used the strongest event projector – Barco HDQ 2K40, in Warsaw two pieces of HDF W26. It is a part of Barco product range in PRO4MEDIA warehouse, available for Poland and eastern European professional rental equipment market. Warsaw and Poznań murals were painted at the time of animation creating process to assure the highest precision. Moving even one centimeter could have an impact on a final effect of the projection. Skoda - the innovative thinking client, grades the campaign result as marvelous. City center building walls, usually seen as stagnate picture painted by artist hand, suddenly cover with blaze of colours and start to move.

You are more than welcome to see the project movie and photos >>>