We are happy, finally – projection on PKiN

For some years we have witnessed projections, with various effects, on the Palace of Culture and Science. We have to admit that it’s a challenge – stone wall of the building is extremely demanding. It literally devours light and absorbs a great deal of it. Uneven layer of lining causes additional light stream dispersion. What’s more, the building is surrounded from all sides with  various outer sources of light: city street lamps, neons and glow of the city center. Given all these factors, PKiN has been so far desirable, yet because of technical problems, rarely used medium. Now however – we announce that we can do that and do it right! We have broken the taboo of that historic building! Starting today, this most popular Warsaw – and probably Polish – building, is open to projections – sharp and clear ones! The proof of that is the first PRO4MEDIA project using the most powerful event projectors in the world >>> #voteremain